Our comprehensive range of contract 3D measuring and scanning services provides you with access to the most up to date measurement and scanning technology available in the UK. We are here to be your measurement partner, able to tackle most inspection and scanning jobs with the right solution, at the right time, at the right price - no compromise. 

Our Capabilities

We have access to some of the most advanced 3D measurement and scanning systems available in the UK today. Our measurement systems include ;

- CNC co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM)

- Portable CMM systems for on site measurement

- Portable, handheld laser scanners for inspection & reverse engineering

- Large scale, high accuracy metrology system

- CAD based 3D inspection and reverse engineering software

- Off-line CMM programming and simulation

- Flexible fixture systems for component holding

- Automotive standard SPC software for capability studies, ISIR's, etc.

3D Measurement & Inspection

Do you need additional measuring capacity ?

Is your CMM not large enough for the task at hand ?

Do you need to use a CMM, but cannot justify the cost of buying a system ?

Is your inspection software able to deal with those difficult to measure parts ?

We provide fast, flexible and comprehensive measurement & inspection services using the latest CNC controlled CMM's in our measurement facilities in Peterborough and Derby. Utilising the very latest CAD based 3D inspection software, we can handle any type of inspection requirement, including ;

- machined and pressed parts

- jigs and fixtures

- plastic components

- turbine blades and components

- first-off inspection

- ISIRs and PPAPs

- repeat measurements for capability studies

... plus many more !

Our range of measuring equipment also includes portable CMM's and handheld 3D scanners, enabling us to select the best tool for the job, and ensuring our measurements are efficient and to the accuracy required to get the job right first time. Our portable systems also enable us to come to you when the part is too large or difficult to transport. All measurements can be compared directly back to 2D drawings or 3D CAD models, and results can be presented in a variety of ways to suit your needs, e.g. tabular reports, graphical reports, surface colour maps, export data files, etc. Measurement results can also be combined with full statistical reports.

Full off-line programming directly from component CAD data is also available, including full CMM simulation and collision detection.

3D Scanning Services

Our contract scanning services for measurement, inspection & quality control applications will provide you with detailed Scan-to-CAD graphic comparisons, allowing you to take full advantage of the latest 3D scanning techniques. In some cases, we may even advise on alternative solutions to scanning, as many inspection tasks can be faster and more accurate using a CMM or similar device. Our engineers will advise on best-practice for solving your problems.

Alternatively, our scanning specialists can also reverse engineer existing components, providing you with high quality, detailed surface data and CAD models of the "as-built" part, according to your needs.

Scanned component data can be provided in a variety of formats, including point clouds, STL surfaces, or IGES CAD models. Reverse engineering applications include ;

- Parametric 3D modelling

- Reconstruction of surfaces

- 3D CAD models to determine "as-built" status or design intent

- data preparation for digital simulation

- 3D visualisation and web applications

... plus many more !

Rest Assured

In many cases, our clients are presented with measurement and scanning tasks where the specification or requirements are not clearly defined. Our team of application engineers have a wide ranging experience of scanning within many different industries, so we are able to advise on the best scanning or measurement solution for your actual needs. Working with us, we not only provide you with access to the latest scanning technology, but our knowledge and advice can be invaluable in completing your requirements.