What Is Metrolog X4 ?

Metrolog X4 is the latest evolution of Metrologic Group's world-renowned 3D inspection software. By fully implementing the power of the latest PC technology and operating systems, Metrolog X4 serves to fully enhance your 3D inspection equipment, with direct interfaces to almost any make or model of CMM and portable device.

The Metrolog X4 architecture has been borne out of the DNA of the world-renowned Metrolog XG, but it is not just an update of the old software. Metrolog X4 is a completely new software, re-designed from the bottom up with the future in mind. It is designed not just to benefit from current and future computer and operating system technologies, such as Windows10 and 64-bit platforms with multi-processor PCs, that can significantly increase the performance and throughput of your inspection software; it is also aimed at simplifying your day-to-day measurement work, both now and well into the future.

Why Migrate to Metrolog X4 ?

In co-operation with Metrologic Group, Measurement Solutions are now able to offer all users of Metrolog XG software that have an active software maintenance and support contract the opportunity to migrate from the old Metrolog XG software and upgrade to this completely new software platform.

Metrolog XG was originally launched around the beginning of the century, and has been the leader in defining CMM software throughout that time. Many years later, the underlying architecture is now obsolete when compared to modern PC technology and operating system requirements, and unlike many softwares that continue to “bolt-on” options and fixes, there comes a time when a completely new development is required. You can go on adding alloy wheels, “go-faster” stripes, a shiny exhaust, funky paintwork and furry dice to a 20-year old car, but at the end of the day you still have a 20-year old car !

2016 marks a major crossroads in the evolution of Metrologic Group software. Having launched the original Metrolog X4 for portable devices (such as arms and laser trackers) some time ago, the latest Metrolog X4 is now “CMM-ready” with a plethora of new functionalities, CMM interfaces, and many added-value benefits for users of CMM’s and portable devices alike.

The all-new Metrolog X4 also takes care of new technologies such as updated PC’s, multi-core processors and all of those Windows updates that we all have to deal with. A fully compliant 64-bit software (a 32-bit version is available if you don’t want to update your computer at this stage), the new software is designed specifically to take advantage of all of that new technology, both now and in the future.

What Are The Benefits of Migrating to X4 ?

The primary benefits of using Metrolog X4 fall into 3 clear categories - performance, ease of use and an extensive array of new functionalities. Here are just some of the benefits that existing Metrolog XG users can expect ;

Performance :

- The software architecture has been completely re-designed to improve performance. Raw data storage is now possible, such that the details of every single probing point, including what, when and how, are stored in the database and can be recalled to perform further analysis even after the measurement is complete

- Better data management based on 64-bit operating systems, enabling full utilisation of unlimited RAM to handle huge CAD files and point clouds, ensuring high speed operation thanks to multi-core processing, especially when dealing with complex CAD data, best-fit analysis, or large point clouds

- Completely new graphical engine that takes advantage of the latest OpenGL graphics drivers, offering unrivalled performance, image quality and real-life tessalation and rendering when working with huge CAD files

Ease Of Use :

- Flexible windows organisation enables the screen to be setup how you like to work. All windows are resizable, and can be set to be floating, docked, auto-hide, arranged individually or as tabs in a single window

- Directly access the database at any time when creating features, or even select directly from the graphics screen. Contextual windows and menus automatically change according to what or how you are measuring, providing only the functions and information you need for a specific task

- Dynamicity throughout means features and alignments are dynamically linked, such that the complete working session is automatically updated when something changes

- Multi-tasking is possible, such that there is no longer any need to close or complete a function to do something else

- WYSIWYG : a 3D graphical display that works in real-time, so preview features and results are generated “live” while you are creating alignments, measurements, constructions, etc., so you can quickly see the effect of your actions

- The new Action Panel : a real DNA feature, with every function related to a feature merged and condensed into a single, easy-to-use window, including feature definition, method of measurement or construction, evaluation method, plus reporting, tolerance and CNC probing requirements

New Functionalities :

- Completely updated Report Editor, including multi-page and multi-paragraph reports, real-time “live” updates, etc.

- 3D simulation of the probe head with easy-to-use collision management, for a truly visual programming experience

- A new Point feature removes the need to differentiate between geometric and surface points, while the Surface feature combines multiple surface patches, enabling better management of free-form measurement

- Many new and advanced construction features such as construct from probing points, families of features, extreme features, axial features, intersection of cylinders / cones / spheres, etc.

- Fully customisable CNC probing strategies speed up programming, such as the CNC hole search feature, which solves the problem of holes being out of position - watch your CMM find the hole automatically !

- Completely new GD&T engine to deal with any eventuality, quickly and easily, without any prior knowledge of GD&T

- X4 i-Viewer enables the possibility to open and view X4 working sessions on any PC, without a licence of X4 being present. X4 i-Viewer is completely free of charge

How Do I Migrate to Metrolog X4 ?

Migration to X4 is really easy with our comprehensive migration package and coaching program, which includes ;

1. We will come to site to install, configure and optimise the software to your CMM or measuring device

2. You are invited to attend a 2-day workshop at our training centre in Derby, where you will learn all about the new features of Metrolog X4 and gain extensive knowledge about how to get the best out of your CMM

3. We will visit you on site during the following 6 months to make sure you are satisfied with the migration

4. We will enable you to have dual usage of Metrolog X4 and Metrolog XG while you learn to use the new software (remember, Metrolog X4 will run all of your existing Metrolog XG programs anyway)

We will even exchange your old dongle for a new one, so that your dongle is compatible with your PC’s and IT requirements in the future!

To start the process of X4 migration, simply click here to contact us with your interest and we will arrange a site visit to discuss the process involved.

What If I Decide Not to Migrate ?

Of course, you are free to continue using Metrolog XG. However, our ability to support old software is limited, and there will be no further developments or software releases for Metrolog XG. Why would you want to carry on using old technology when migration to X4 is so easy, quick and painless ?

NOW is the RIGHT TIME to move forwards and MIGRATE TO METROLOG X4 !