Collaboration. Dynamic Reporting. Data sharing. Free.

Imagine how life would be so much easier if you could collaborate and exchange dynamically your 3D inspection results with your engineering team to facilitate product development, and enable a better understanding of your measurement data.

The X4 i-Viewer software is a free application that enables you to share your X4 inspection files with your customers, partners or even subcontractors, offering them the ability to visualise your measurement results and data - simply download the free application.

The files created when using Metrolog X4 include all measurements and analysis results. The X4 i-Viewer application is based upon the Metrolog X4 kernel, which has been configured in a visualisation or read-only mode. The software allows all users to open Metrolog X4 sessions and/or CAD files, recall features and views in a fully dynamic environment, and to perform a comprehensive analysis and review of inspection data.

X4 i-Viewer enables ;

  • - Data Sharing between different departments
  • - Measurement analysis and project review during engineering meetings without consuming a Metrolog X4 production license
  • - Inspection data sharing with customers, subcontractors, vendors or other divisions
  • - Easy and simple access to your file on any computer system while your X4 license is being used elsewhere

Download Your Free i-Viewer Software Now !

Click here to access the Metrologic website where you can download your very own X4 i-Viewer application for your Windows 64 bits enabled PC, free of charge

*Free software products are subject to the terms and conditions of the end-user license agreement that accompanies download of the software.