Silma X4 represents the latest in offline programming 3D inspection software dedicated to CMM part program creation, and full offline simulation and program testing. Using Silma X4, you can :

- Program all of your CMM's using one software, independent of machine size, brand or configuration

- Simulate and detect collisions using a virtual CMM environment that exactly represents your CMM, parts and fixtures

- Prepare your inspection reports without using your online software

- Perform post inspection analysis including report generation, best fit analysis and additional GD&T evaluations

Your CMM in a Virtual World

Silma X4 is a highly advanced CMM programming solution that is based on the highly acclaimed and well-proven Metrolog X4 inspection software. The software interface is identical to that provided by Metrolog X4 when connected directly to youyr CMM, so the CMM programmer uses a single interface irrespective of the task at hand. Sima X4 includes an extensive and detailed library of most of the available CMM’s (about 550 virtual machines available) from all of the World's leading CMM manufacturers, including many legacy machines from over the last 20-30 years. The virtual CMM library also includes all configurations, including moving bridge, moving table and large scale gantry machine, plus single, twin and multi-column horizontal arm machines.

Silma X4 also simulates the complete CMM environment, including ;

- Complete virtual probe libraries for the main probe, probe head, stylus and accessories (Renishaw, Zeiss, Mora, Leica, Leitz,…)

- Full representation of laser scanning heads, including simulated point cloud capture algorithms to assess scanning feasibility

- Include multiple measuring devices to accurately re-create your measuring application

- Library of additional components available for full simulation of the CMM environment, including probe changers, styli changers, calibration sphere, rotary tables, etc.

- Load complex assemblies of parts to reproduce individual or final assembly of components e.g. body-in-white

- Create models for additional items that are present in the measuring environment, such as fixtures, special components, tables, etc.

- Full simulation of robotic applications when combined with Metrolog X4 i-Robot