Metrologic Group has implemented its proven Metrolog X4 3D Inspection Software within the Dassault Systemes V5 architecture to produce the latest Metrologic Inspection V5 Solutions, the World's only CMM and 3D Inspection software to be fully integrated within the V5 environment, providing a direct and real-time connection between V5 design data and the measuring machine.

The products are designed to provide a fully integrated PLM Solution (Product Life Management) with a direct data link from design engineering, through manufacturing and up to quality control, in order to maintain consistency in data management from design to the final control, and vice versa : no more headaches caused by data transfer !

The CAA2 agreement between Metrologic Group and Delmia / Dassault Systemes has provided a unique V5 embedded inspection solution, opening up a completely new era of powerful and user oriented inspection applications. This exceptional and unique integration gives users an incredible technical advantage by opening up a direct link with the V5 database.

Based on the same DNA and architecture as the world-proven Metrolog X4 software, Metrolog X4V5 combines all of the standard features of the standalone Metrolog X4 online inspection software, providing all the measuring functionality required to work with any kind of CMM, portable CMM or 3D scanning device.

If further proof was needed of the technological advantages offered by this unique solution, the Worlds' largest manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft, Boeing, has adopted Metrologic V5 Inspection Solutions as the standard for 3D inspection on the new 787 Dreamliner.