In the ideal world, you would have ONE SOFTWARE solution that is fully compatible with ALL MEASURING DEVICES; can perform ALL TYPES OF MEASUREMENT; is able to easily handle ANY APPLICATION irrespective of what market sector you are in.


A real performance accelerator for your 3D measuring devices, Metrolog X4 is the latest evolution of Metrologic Group's world-renowned 3D inspection software. By fully implementing the power of the latest PC technology, Metrolog X4 serves to fully enhance your 3D inspection equipment, with direct interfaces to almost any make or model of CMM and portable device.

The Metrolog X4 architecture has been born out of the DNA of the world-renowned Metrolog XG, but it is not just an update of the old software. Unlike most measuring software, instead of simply tweaking what was already available, Metrolog X4 is a completely new software, re-designed from the bottom up with the future in mind. It is designed not just to benefit from current and future computer and OS technologies, such as Windows10 and 64-bit platforms with multi-processor PCs, that can significantly increase the performance and throughput of your inspection software; it is also aimed at simplifying your day-to-day measurement work, both now and into the future.

Key Features

Compatibility & Connectivity - All Measuring Systems Are Supported

Metrolog X4 is compatible with almost every CMM and portable devices that is in use today, from the latest scanning technology to your 40-year old CMM. Choose from a wide range of interfaces for simple "plug-and-play" connection to your existing or future measuring devices ;

  - direct interfaces to most CNC CMM machines without the need to replace electronics and controller hardware

  - compatible with all portable and manual 3D measuring devices, including arms, laser trackers, scanners, portable CMM's, etc...

  - all brands and models supported with interfaces developed in conjunction with the OEM for guaranteed performance and stability

High Performance - Large Data Sets as Standard

For increased performance and process reliability, Metrolog X4’s 64-bit architecture increases the amount of memory available for reliable data manipulation. This drastically improves performance, especially when inspecting large volumes of data, as is often the case with modern scanning systems. The Metrolog X4 architecture also provides full support for multi-core processors. This new software architecture brings significant advantages ;

  - import huge and complex CAD models for direct analysis of measurement data to nominal CAD data

  - supports a wide variety of CAD formats including IGES, STEP, CATIA V4, CATIA V5, ProE, etc.

  - "live-scan" huge point cloud files with no deterioration in processing speed or projection time 

  - 32-bit & 64-bit applications, multi-core & multi-task enabled - Metrolog X4 is ready now, and ready for the future!

Optimised Interface - Ease of Use

Optimised Interface - Ease of UseMetrolog X4 sets the standard for optimised operation and user interaction, providing the operator with measurement information at his finger-tips at all times. Special measurement functions make daily use quick and efficient through the use of ;

  - user-friendly graphical interface that is fully customisable to suit the needs of the operator

  - efficient probing wizards provide guidance throughout the measurement process

  - user-selectable information windows for the right information, in the right place, at the right time

  - fully implemented in 18 different languages, switchable on-the-fly

Dynamicity - Automatic Update and Re-Computation of Features

Metrolog X4 maintains dynamic links between features and how they were created - probing, scanning, CAD definition or construction. This dynamicity ensures that all features are updated as soon as additional measurement or alignment information becomes available ;

  - dynamic links between features and associated tolerances plus GD&T

  - real-time impact on features upon updated data

  - large scale advanced bundle adjustment optimisation, including 7 DoF and device uncertainty

Advanced Analysis - Best In Class GD&T and Reporting

For many years, Metrolog XG was the standard when it comes to tolerance analysis and reporting of 3D inspection data. With the release of Metrolog X4, that reign is now over, with even more advanced analysis and reporting tools available, the competition has been relegated to the amateur leagues ;

  - full support for all GD&T tolerance analysis standards - ISO & ANSI

  - easily create geometrical tolerances, eith automatic checking against standards and norms

  - direct import of CAD embedded GD&T

  - best in class reporting tools, combining graphical views and tabular data sheets, with 

  - automated report wizard for fast reports, with optional graphical editor for customisation of reports to users own specifications

  - certified and proven algorithms, according to PTB and NIST standards

Maximum Performance for Point Cloud and Scan Data Analysis

Metrolog X4 has been completely re-designed from the bottom upwards to process and analyse huge amounts of data. The latest software and PC technology has been embraced to provide highly efficient optical measurement functions ;

  - direct CAD comparison of point cloud data with real-time colour mapping

  - rapid element extraction and automated GD&T

  - intuitive treatment of Flush & Gap and Profile measurements

  - part quality estimation according to the area of surface measured

Why Choose Metrolog X4?

Optimise Your Quality Processes - Secure Your Investment - Measure More Efficiently

Metrologic Group has built an unrivalled international reputation in the development of 3D inspection solutions. It is the only company today that is able to provide a single solution that is compatible with all makes and types of measuring devices. Today, Metrologic Group and its 3D measurement solution, Metrolog X4, combine innovative solutions, extensive metrology experience and comprehensive know-how, from hardware to software. Businesses in a wide variety of sectors including automotive, aerospace, and most manufacturing disciplines, have chosen our solutions, leading to more profitable and effective production processes.

Faster and More Efficient 3D Inspection Results in Reduced Inspection Costs

Automated data input, plausibility checks, automatic geometrical shape recognition, storage of measurement scenarios, easy-to-use features database, advanced functionalities such as replication, graphical reporting, rapid part programming, off-line simulation and analysis, intuitive guided measurement.

Using Metrolog X4, you will capitalise on an advanced technology and know-how for a faster and more efficient inspection than ever before.

Seamlessly Measure the Most Complex Geometries

Freeform geometries, such as turbine blades and car body components, are demanding measurement applications that cannot be satisfactorily addressed with standard measurement methods.

For this reason, Metrolog X4 provides special functions that allow a dedicated approach requiring little specific application knowledge. Because they can be integrated into the Metrolog X4 kernel, these advanced functionalities can be used seamlessly together with the standard features.

3D Inspection Software that Easily Adapts to Your Requirements

The market is changing. Parts to be inspected are becoming increasingly more complex, as the time available for inspection and quality control gets shorter, and the corrections must be implemented faster. New measurement technology introduce new means of measurement, providing new opportunities in industrial metrology. All of these factors generate new challenges.

The all-new innovative features of Metrolog X4 give you the opportunity to take advantage of these changes for the benefit of your business - now, and in the future.

A Universal Solution - Minimise Your Training, Maximise Your Investment

As an independent software editor, Metrologic Group offers the unique ability to connect Metrolog X4 to the vast majority of 3D measurement systems available on the market, tactile or optical. From portable measuring arms up to laser trackers, through manual 3D scanners, manual CMM's and dynamic measurement systems, Metrolog X4 covers the entire spectrum of the profession, regardless of brand and type.

This advantage will allow you to connect to new measuring devices without changing the software. You can upgrade your base of machines as and when you need, without worrying about compatibility with Metrolog X4. No long training sessions or exporting of your previous data - simply plug-in and measure!

Metrolog X4 - Everything You Will Ever Need, NOW !

Metrolog X4 combines within one common user interface measurement functions, specific expert modules and an efficient report editor. This unique environment includes everything you need for successful 3D measurements, without the need to juggle between two or more programs. This ensures efficient use and enhances the security and reliability of the measuring process.

Our application engineering, training and support team provide expert assistance, with highly skilled technicians who are able to assist you in implementing our solutions. Our maintenance contract includes the provision for regular updates and patches plus telephone support through an international network of sales and support partners.

About Metrologic Group

Metrologic Group is a global company, with operations on 3 continents, through its design and service companies, as well as sales partners throughout the World. The company is the largest device independent inspection software company, being recently acquired by Sandvik Corporation for over €350million. 

The company specialises in the design and manufacture of industry standard 3D inspection software and electronic control systems for CMM's, portable devices and industrial robots. Metrologic Group has developed their own direct machine and device interfaces to provide "plug-and-play" direct connection of its software to any control system, including manual and CNC CMM's, portable arms, laser trackers, 3D optical scanners and industrial robots.