HandySCAN3D Laser Scanners

The NEW generation of HandySCAN 3D hand-held scanners have been optimized to meet the needs of product development and engineering professionals on the lookout for the most effective and reliable way to acquire 3D measurements of physical objects.

The all-new HandySCAN 3D represents Creaform’s flagship metrology grade hand-held scanners, having undergone complete re-engineering of the scanning technology, building on its core assets. They are now more portable and even faster at delivering accurate and high resolution 3D scans while remaining overly simple to use. Yet, it is their true portability that has changed the rules and set a whole new trend in the 3D scanning market.

Metrology Grade Accuracy Meets Portability - HandySCAN 3D

The HandySCAN 3D started the hand-held scanning revolution over 10 years ago by providing scanning technology that does not need a positioning device, such as a portable arm or a laser tracker. The unique self-positioning capability made 3D scanning simple and efficient. While other systems have tried to emulate the HandySCAN 3D, none are able to come close to the quality and accuracy of data that can be acquired with this amazing technology.

The latest HandySCAN 3D is available in 2 versions. Starting with the HandySCAN 300, we are able to provide the most efficient way to reverse engineer, design and inspect components. The HandySCAN 300 offers the same accuracy as the previous EXAscan system, previously Creaform's highest accuracy scanner, with much faster scanning at a lower price !

If that wasn't enough, the new flagship scanner, HandySCAN 700, is the most versatile 3D scanner on the market, incorporating scanning speed and accuracy never seen before in any form of scanning device.

HandySCAN 700 - Probably the World's Best Handheld 3D Scanner !

No other scanning system comes close to the capabilities of the new HandySCAN 3D. Compared to the previous generation of HandySCAN 3D (or most other portable scanners, for that matter), the latest HandySCAN 3D offers serious improvements and features ;

TRUaccuracy Technology

25X Faster

No scanner can meet the speed of the new HandySCAN 3D, enabling you to scan large areas quickly and thereby minimise fatigue

40% More Accurate

Hand-held scanning with accuracy up to 30 microns - need we say any more ! 

35% Lighter

The HandySCAN 3D scanners weight in at under 1kg, so you can take them to scan anything, anywhere 

50% Smaller

Scan in spaces that were never possible before. With the HandySCAN 700, the additional built-in single line scanner provides scanning inside deep pockets or holes 

Multi-Function Buttons

Control scanning functions directly from the scanner, without returning to the PC. If you need full control of the software, take a look at the VXremote add-on

Serious Scanners for Serious Scanning Applications

HandySCAN 3D is a serious scanner for serious scanning applications, with no compromise over accuracy or data quality. Like the previous generation of scanners, the new HandySCAN 3D family utilises the same advanced technology to offer users a host of totally unique benefits. Of these, the important features include ;

High AccuracyTRUaccuracy Technology

Dynamic referencing makes it possible to move the part during the 3D scanning session, so there is no need for a rigid set-up.


No external tracking devices (CMM, portable arm, etc.) is needed to use the HandySCAN 3D. By using innovative positioning targets, setup is quick and easy with accuracy guaranteed, allowing complete freedom of scanning even in confined spaces.

User Friendly

Using the HandySCAN 3D is as easy as 1-2-3 : open the box, plug into your laptop, and start scanning. HandySCAN 3D has the shortest learning curve of any laser scanner in any category, making it extremely user friendly, and therefore more likely to give accurate results.

High Accuracy

Achieve metrology grade measuring accuracy, as the quality of scan data provided by HandySCAN 3D is equivalent to even high-end white light scanners - up to 0.03mm accuracy with a resolution of 0.05mm is possible, making HandySCAN 3D easily the most accurate and versatile scanning device available today.

Low Cost

Every HandySCAN 3D has a low investment cost, low maintenance costs, and a high ROI. As the learning curve is so short, the scanner starts to pay for itself from the moment it is delivered.

Automatic STL with Multi-Resolution

The intuitive software automatically creates high quality triangulated STL surface files, removing the need for laborious post-processing of huge point clouds. Automatic multi-resolution enables excellent data quality and optimised file size. Your scan data is ready and usable within seconds, not hours.

Applications On-Demand Calibration

The scanner can be calibrated by the user in under 2 minutes, using the provided traceable calibration artefact. You can be certain that measurements are accurate at all times, whatever the conditions.

Mobility & Versatility

There is simply no other scanner that offers the portability of HandySCAN 3D, making it ideal for use in any location. It can be used on all sizes of objects, and is perfect for measuring in confined or difficult to access spaces.


The HandySCAN 3D range can tackle a multitude of scanning applications, including design, reverse engineering, re-engineering and inspection. Using HandySCAN 3D, scanning is virtually limitless, no matter the part size, colour, complexity or location. Application areas are extremely diverse and include aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, education, design, museums, architecture, multimedia, medical, manufacturing, etc.


TRUaccuracy - Standard !

About Creaform

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