Manufacturers and production managers need portable measurement technologies to provide considerably greater flexibility and efficiency in performing quality control (QC) operations directly on the production floor. The all-new HandyPROBE Next™ portable CMM provides measurement accuracy that is insensitive to the instabilities of any environment. Free of any rigid measurement setup, the portable CMM outperforms traditional portable CMMs, such as portable arms and laser trackers, on the shop floor.

The complete HandyPROBE Next system has the unique ability to perform real-time dynamic referencing of its scanning and probing devices as well as on targets of the object that is being inspected. The C-Track optical tracker and wireless probe can be moved at any time during the measurement sequence and generate the same high-quality data. Specifically designed to answer today’s manufacturing quality requirements, the HandyPROBE Next portable optical coordinate measuring machine offers unmatched flexibility and a wider measurement volume than other portable CMMs.

This unique metrology inspection solution helps manufacturing companies eliminate inefficiencies in the manufacturing process and avoid unnecessary expenses.

The arm-free, HandyPROBE Next portable CMM and the C-Track dual camera sensor form a unique duo that generates high accuracy 3D point measurements and increases reliability and speed of your measuring process. Compared to other existing portable CMM technology, the HandyPROBE Next portable wireless CMM gives you total freedom of movement, allowing for significant increases in productivity.

TRUaccuracy Technology

The HandyPROBE Next portable CMM is supplied with Creaform's unique TRUaccuracy technology as standard. This ensures highly accurate measurements, regardless of the measurement environment, completely eliminating the effects of instability, vibrations, thermal changes, etc. - it can even ensure that operators with minimal skill can only take valid, reliable measurements !

As a result, metrology grade accuracies up to 0.020mm (better than 0.001") are achievable with a high degree of repeatability. Throughout the whole 9.1m3 volume, the system provides a single point repeatability of 0.044mm (0.0017") and an overall volumetric accuracy of 0.064mm (0.0025") for parts from 0.2m up to 10 metres in size.

Dynamic Referencing

The operator can choose to work in Dynamic Referential Mode, which literally "locks" the coordinate system to the part being measured. This allows the operator to move the part and the C-Track during the measurement process, with no loss in accuracy. In workshop conditions, this removes the need for a stable environment, and enables measurement of hard to reach features by moving the measuring system without the need to carry out inaccurate and time-consuming leap-frog manoeuvres. The dynamic referencing also eliminates the effects of vibrations in areas where the part is likely to move e.g. press shops.

Automatic Alignment

Using the automatic alignment feature, the operator no longer needs to carry out manual measurement of reference or alignment features. By applying simple reflective targets to a fixture, their location can be measured relative to the part's coordinate system. When the C-Track "sees" some targets, using triangulation methods it can automatically align to the fixture, providing a rapid and repeatable setup procedure that eliminates root cause errors.

Fast User Calibration

A user-guided calibration procedure can be carried out by even an unskilled operator, to quickly re-calibrate the C-Track and the HandyPROBE. Unlike all other portable systems, which are only certified once a year, the system can be re-certified on a weekly, daily or even hourly basis using the traceable gauge that is supplied with every system. In this way, the HandyPROBE delivers constant, reliable accuracy throughout its entire life

The C-Track controller constantly monitors environmental conditions, such as temperature, accuracy, and vibrations. Constant accuracy is ensured, as the system will prevent measurements being taken that are metrologically unreliable.

Benefits and Advantages

Faster and Easier Measurement

HandyPROBE Next is a handheld, wirefree, arm-less measuring system that allows users to move freely around the part without having to wrestle with a fixed arm or having to worry about line of sight of a laser tracker. The ergonomic, lightweight HandyPROBE Next incorporates multi-function control buttons that minimis the need for interaction with the measuring software, reducing measuring time such that the system can be used for long periods of time with minimal operator fatigue.

Extendable Measuring Volume

The HandyPROBE Next portable CMM can be used in 2 measurinmg volume modes, providing a standard measuring volume of 9.1 m3 and an extended measuring volume of 16.6m3. However, unlike other measuring systems, the measuring volume can be easily extended even further using the dynamic referencing capability of the system, without any need for conventional leap-frog manoeuvres or additional alignment set-ups. This leads to fewer measuring errors, as the operator does not have to learn complicated routines, and there is no loss in accuracy when the measuring system is moved relatively to the part being measured.

Truly Portable CMM

The portability of the HandyPROBE Next is second-to-none, making it possible to inspect or reverse engineer parts and assemblies with unequalled speed, precision, mobility and flexibility. And what's more, the measurements can be done in situ - no matter where the part is located.

User Friendly

The easy to learn, intuitive control system has a very short learning curve. Plug-ins are available for most 3D metrology software, so you can use the HandyPROBE with software that is already familiar. Quick setup and measurement makes the system ideal for shop-floor measurement where time is of the essence.

Expandable and Future-Proof

With additional options like C-Link, MetraScan and MAXshot available, the HandyPROBE Next can be easily expanded to deal with any type of measurement task in the future.

Automatic AlignmentWhy Choose HandyPROBE Next Over . . .

. . . A Measuring Arm ?

- Higher accuracy

- No loss of accuracy on the shop-floor - TRUaccuracy

- Easier to operate

- Low maintenance - no encoders or moving parts

- Far greater measuring range - no limitations due to a stand or table

- Greater portability - no table or heavy duty stands required

. . . A Laser Tracker ?

- No loss of accuracy on the shop-floor - TRUaccuracy

- Shorter learning curve and easier to use

- AT LEAST half the price (even more if a handheld probe is used with the tracker as well !)

- Similar accuracy - why pay more for the same results ?

- Greater portability as no fixed foundation or heavy duty stands required

- Far greater flexibility and ease of use for objects up to 10m in size

- Low maintenance costs


The mobility and accuracy of the HandyPROBE make it suitable for most traditional CMM, portable arm and laser tracker applications, such as ;

    - First-off inspection and sample analysis (ISIR)
    - Part-to-CAD comparisons
    - Jig and Tool set-up and alignment
    - Calibration and adjustment of fixtures
    - Reverse engineering of engineering components

In addition, the HandyPROBE can be used in conjunction with the HandyScan3D range of handheld laser scanners, to provide a completely versatile probing and scanning solution.


GroupThe HandyPROBE Next is suitable for use with many different 3D inspection and reverse engineering software packages. For basic measuring appliucations, VXinspect offers users a highly functional yet easy-to-use software. For more demanding applications, the HandyPROBE Next has been fully integrated into the Metrologic Group range of software, providing inspection solutions for highly advanced engineering 3D measurements.

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