Introducing the NEW Generation Go!SCAN 3D, the easiest portable 3D scanning experience for generating fast and reliable measurements. With these new handheld 3D scanners, you can now scan even faster, and even capture 3D data in full colour.

Do you need Easy, Quick and Accurate Scanning ?

The Go!SCAN 3D was designed with you in mind. Through a very efficient and easy-to-use scanning process, these self-positioning systems can be used by anyone, even without any prior scanning experience, as they provide visual guidance with real-time visualization and ongoing positioning assistance, while you are scanning. This innovative technology, which bypasses the need for specific preparation and set-ups, provides a very fast measurement rate, and virtually eliminates manual data post-processing of point cloud data.

Highly versatile, they can be used for a wide range of applications, helping professionals throughout the entire product development process. The Go!SCAN 3D product line enables you to effortlessly capture the 3D shape of any object, including complex freeform and organic shapes. All of this results in the shortest 3D scanning experience available on the market, from start to finish.

Your Fastest and Easiest 3D Scanning Experience

Fast and Easy 3D Scanning

With Go!SCAN 3D, you will create 3D scans much faster and far more easily than using standard 3D scanners. There is no need to have a rigid setup, so scanning can be accomplished anywhere, even if there is a risk that the part will move - just point and scan.

Users will benefit from the extremely short learning curve. Within a few hours you will be producing high quality 3D scan data, with results visualised in real-time. Scanning can be done without the need for tracking targets, however these can be used to further enhance the capabilities of the scanner.

The large scanning area ensures a fast measuring rate, and as there is no need for data post-processing or manual intervention, your 3D scan data is ready to use within seconds of releasing the trigger.

TRUaccuracy - Standard !TRUportability : On-The-Go Scanning

The Go!SCAN 3D is a truly portable scanner, weighing in at under 1kg. There is no external positioning system required, so gone are the days of tripods, portable arms and other awkward (and expensive) tracking devices. The scanner fits into a small carry-on case, so it can be used anywhere. There is even a battery pack available when power becomes a problem.

TRUsimplicity : Scanning Has Never Been Easier

The Go!SCAN 3D features Hybrid Positioning Technology, which enables the scanner to utilise the geometry (shape), colour and texture of the object, and if necessary applied targets. This ensures a seamless scanning operation with real-time visualisation of the scan data. You can also scan in full colour, with a "real-life" presentation of surface data while scanning, and colour and texture can be saved and applied directly to the scanned surface for 3D visualisation applications.

TRUaccuracy : Included, As Standard !

The Go!SCAN 3D features Creaform's unique TRUaccuracy technology, which guarantees reliable 3D scan data regardless of the work environment or part setup. Even if the part moves during the scanning process, there is no loss in surface quality and results remain reliable in all cases.

Go!SCAN 3D : Choose The Right Tool For Your Needs

With Go!SCAN 3D, you have a choice of 2 scanners, depending on your exact scanning requirements. The Go!SCAN 20 is aimed at small scale scanning applications, typically parts measuring 50 to 500mm in size, providing an accuracy down to 0.1mm, with a resolution of 0.2mm. This is the ideal complement to industrial and professional 3D printers, as it provides high quality, high resolution STL data in minutes. Every 3D printer needs a Go!SCAN 20

With Go!SCAN 50 you have the ability to scan much larger parts, typically from 300mm upwards, providing an accuracy of 0.3mm/metre of scanned surface. Both scanners can be supplied with colour texture capture as an option.

TRUaccuracy - Standard !


TRUaccuracy - Standard !Go!SCAN 3D is designed specifically for professional and industrial applications that require lower levels of accuracy than our metrology grade, yet there is still a demand for high quality, reliable scan data. Application areas include ;

3D Printing - the ideal companion for your 3D printing needs

Reverse Engineering - clay models, prototypes, mock-ups, packaging design

Styling, Design and Analysis - especially in the case of larger parts

Heritage and Preservation - archiving, restoration, 3D virtual museum

Arts and Architecture - CAD design, modelling, sculptures

Education and Research - design and engineering for student projects

Computer Graphics - multimedia, VFX, virtual reality

Healthcare - body digitising, orthotics. prosthetics

Other Applications - forensics, insurance, fashion & clothing

About Creaform

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