PowerSHAPE from Delcam is a versatile, easy-to-use CAD system that fully integrates solid, surface and triangle modelling from design to manufacture. PowerSHAPE is a CAD modelling software that lets you ;

- Directly read-in raw scan data from the full range of Creaform handheld scanning systems

- Design complex 3D parts using any combination of surfaces, solids or triangles

- Import data from all common CAD systems

- Simplify your manufacturing processes and reduce your lead times

- Work the way you think

Why Choose PowerSHAPE ?

PowerSHAPE is extremely flexible and easy to use, reducing lead times and helping you complete projects faster. PowerSHAPE covers everything from original scan data right through to final CAD design, including:

Triangles and Meshes (STL)

In addition to its comprehensive suite of mesh modelling tools, including mesh refinement, smoothing and alignment, PowerSHAPE Pro also provides powerful mesh segmentation tools.

Primitive regions of a mesh, such as planes, cones, and cylinders can be quickly identified and fitted with primitive solids and surfaces. These primitives can be edited quickly and easily and then merged together to create the finished part.


PowerSHAPE makes sketching easy and intuitive with its patented Intelligent Cursor.

The Intelligent Cursor is fast, accurate, and extremely easy-to-use, increasing your productivity by shortening construction times. Sketches can also be created by taking sections through meshes, for fast, accurate reverse engineering from scanned data.


PowerSHAPE simplifies surface modelling with its unique ‘Smart Surfacer’ - simply select any number of sketches and PowerSHAPE creates the appropriate surface automatically.

Powerful shrink-wrapping tools allow you to replace complex mesh regions with smooth NURB surfaces. Easy-to-use editing tools let you modify surfaces interactively to achieve the perfect shape, no matter how complex.


PowerSHAPE uses Parasolid™, the world’s most commonly used kernel, providing fast and robust solid modelling.

Powerful Direct Modelling tools enable you to make design changes effortlessly, even on imported geometry with no history. Easy-to-use feature recognition extracts history-based features, such as holes and fillets, from a ‘dumb’ solid model. These features can be edited quickly and easily to re-capture the original design intent of the part.

See PowerSHAPE In Action

Reverse engineering a complex shape directly from scan data can be time-consuming and hard work. See how PowerSHAPE simplifies the whol process in our end-to-end reverse engineering video. 

About Delcam

Delcam is the world's leading specialist NC CAM supplier for the design and manufacture of the complex shapes typically found in the aerospace, automotive, medical device and toolmaking industries. Based in Birmingham, they are ideally located to provide UK customers with outstanding levels of support.