For years, manufacturing companies have depended on the traditional CMM to provide automated quality control (AQC). However, while these provide highly accurate and reliable measurements, they are more often than not too slow and create bottlenecks in the process flow.

CUBE-R is a fast, reliable, and complete turnkey solution for automated quality control applications. This automated 3D measuring machine features MetraSCAN 3D-R, a powerful robot-mounted optical 3D scanner that can be integrated into factory automation systems without compromising on accuracy. It is the perfect alternative to solve any productivity issues caused by bottlenecks at the CMM. Unlike existing solutions, our 3D scanning machine enables manufacturing companies to harness the power of optical 3D measurement and industrial automation quickly and esasily, as everything is provided in a single, simple yet extremely powerful measuring cell. This 3D scanning CMM optimises the production cycle and throughput resulting in better product quality.

For anybody involved in gathering large amounts of measurement data, in particular industrial applications such as car body, pressed parts, large or complex castings, aerospace components and large mouldings, CUBE-R has the potential to drastically increase productivity and minimise quality control issues.

CUBE-R : Benefits

Quite simply, CUBE-R gives you high speed scanning and measurement, directly on the shop floor at the point of manufacture - what more do you want ?

Of course, there is more detail, so let's look at what CUBE-R can do for your manufacturing process.

CUBE-R is a highly productive 3D measurement system, that is able to measure hundreds of parts reliably and repetitively, every day. As a complete turnkey solution, you don't have to worry about robot integration or installation of safety devices - the system is fully enclosed and shop-floor ready.

Using the optional CUBE-R Productivity Station, the system can also multi-task, enabling simultaneous scanning and data acquisition of one part, while the measurement and analysis of another part is performed in tandem. This enables you to have a continuous and uninterrupted measurement workflow, 24/7.

The work-cell can also be supplied with a fully automated calibration system, which will periodically re-calibrate all aspects of the measuring system such that there is no accuracy drift over time, unlike more traditional measuring systems that are only checked and adjusted once a year ! 

Based on the well-proven MetraSCAN-R 3D multi-line laser scanner, CUBE-R incorporates Creaform's TRUsimplicity concept, which minimises operator interaction to ensure a short learning curve with maximum ROI. Able to scan any type of material, including chrome and shiny black, the days of spraying powder everywhere and having to clean parts after measurement are a thing of the past.

CUBE-R : Applications

CUBE-R is aimed directly at those needing to inspect parts up to 3 metres in size. The ideal applications include stampings (car body panels), pressing assemblies, body-in-white, large castings, composite panels and large mouldings, etc. The system is most likely to be used by companies having the need to measure lots of parts per day, or those with a major bottleneck caused by a lack of large CMM capacity who require a rapid solution with minimal fuss and installation issues.


Before the introduction of CUBE-R, automated measurement was dependent on traditional CMM solutions. While they offer high levels of accuracy, these devices are also extremely slow, especially compared to the advent of 3D scanning technologies. While perhaps not as accurate as a small CMM, the CUBE-R is ideally aimed at applications that require larger horizontal arm CMM's, where the accuracy of CUBE-R is comparable, and in many cases better. However, CUBE-R will easily out-perform them in terms of speed and efficiency.

This means you shouldn't look at CUBE-R as a replacement for your existing CMM. CUBE-R is the perfect complement to a CMM, enabling you to measure more parts and therefore understand your manufacturing processes in more detail. This will free up your CMM to carry out the work it was originally intended for - high accuracy measurement investigations. Think of CUBE-R as a filter for your CMM, making sure that parts only go to the CMM when they really need to do so. 

CUBE-R :Productivity Station

If the standard CUBE-R isn't fast enough, the R-Series Productivity Station addresses applications with high productivity requirements, such as when cycle times need to be reduced and productivity increased even further. Built-in multitasking allows users to carry out data acquisition while simultaneously analyzing previously acquired data, enabling the robot to operate continuously without any "stand-still" time. The simple user interface is designed to minimise operator interaction and help perform automatic inspection as quickly and easily as possible.

By utilising a robust industrial design, the system has been specially adapted for workshop conditions and environments. Divided into sections, the work station is comprised of industrial computer modules, C-Track controllers, an intuitive tactile screen for simplified operation, a reliable industrial PC network for increased throughput, power supply and wheels for easy movement. The system has also been designed to meet the requirements of a NEMA 12 environment.

CUBE-R :Security 

Four safety options are available for the Cube-R, dependant upon the location and integration considerations. A complete measuremnt cell with optional automatic rolling door, A Cube-R light curtain, or a more traditional mesh frame with incorporated light curtain.