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Portable Metrology Software Solutions

The Right Solution to Precisely Match Your Needs

There are two types of inspection software available for portable devices ;

  1. Those that claim they can measure and inspect, but fall down miserably when it comes to more comp[lex applications often involving handling large CAD files or huge sets of scan data
  2. Those that can !

As the UK's leading independent reseller of 3D measurement and 3D scanning solutions, we have the ability to provide both "off-the-shelf" and bespoke solutions that precisely match your needs. If the software doesn't fit, then we will not try to make it fit, as this will only cause everyone pain and disappointment in the future. Measurement Solutions only offer or recommend software that has been proven by our own technical applications engineers on real jobs in the real world. Consequently, we are able to offer a range of solutions according to you measurement and reporting needs, ease of use and metrology skills of the operator, price, or the need to standardise across multiple manufacturers devices.

VXinspect : Entry-level Inspection Software for Creaform Scanners

VXinspect is the ideal low-cost, entry-level 3D inspection software solution for manufacturing companies conducting first article inspection (FAI) and production control. VXinspect features all the essential functionalities required to build a measurement sequence allowing high efficiency when controlling multiple parts.

Like other Creaform software modules, VXinspect is directly integrated into VXelements, Creaform’s 3D software platform and application suite, providing the simplest integration of probing and 3D scanning measurements to gather the data required to meet industry requirements for quality control applications.

The combination of Creaform technologies with VXinspect offers the ideal solution for shop-floor environments. With its intuitive interface, it is the ideal solution for a simplified and intuitive inspection workflow with no compromise on measurement quality and GD&T requirements.

Metrolog EVO : Easy to Use. Powerful. Efficient.

Metrolog EVO is built on Metrologic Group's world class Metrolog X4 software, providing you with an easy-to-use 3D measurement software that has been specially configured and developed for use only with selected portable inspection devices.

Built on the renowned and well-proven X4 architecture, we have integrated a simplified operator oriented interface to unleash the power of Metrolog EVO, thereby addressing all of the advanced capabilities you really need to satisfy your day-to-day Geometric and Free Form measurement analysis requirements, all within an easy-to-use and efficient user interface but without the "bells and whistles" of highly complex CMM software.

Metrolog EVO is the perfect solution for those requiring a highly flexible inspection solution that can be used with or without CAD data, with interfaces to all types of portable devices available including portable arms, laser trackers, 3D scanners, etc. 

Metrolog X4 : The Advanced Inspection Solution

If you are involved in highly complex inspection applications or require the ultimate in inspection software technology, nothing comes close to matching the performance and capability of Metrolog X4.

Metrolog X4 is used worldwide by many of the leading manufacturing companies, especially within the aerospace and automotive sectors. A real performance accelerator for your 3D measuring devices, Metrolog X4 is the latest evolution of Metrologic Group's world-renowned 3D inspection software.

By fully implementing the power of the latest PC technology, Metrolog X4 serves to fully enhance your 3D inspection equipment, with direct interfaces to almost any make or model of CMM, portable measuring device and industrial robot.

3rd Party Software : It's Your Choice !

On some occasions, users already have use of a third party software on other measuring devices, such as PolyWorks. All of the portable measuring systems supplied by Measurement Solutions are able to work with these third party software systems, and in many cases we are able to demonstrate our scanning and probing solutions with your preferred choice of software.

If in doubt, ask us and we will do what we can to prove the capability of our systems with your preferred software.