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On the following pages, you will find the latest news, views and application stories, to tell you more about what is happening in the world of 3D measurement. Feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss these in more detail.



When Industry Meets Archaeology - Scanning The Natural History Museum's Blue Whale

When it was first unveiled to the public in 1905, the Diplodocus skeleton at London’s Natural History Museum became an overnight sensation. Affectionately known as “Dippy”, for many years it has been one of the first specimens that visitors see on entering the museum. In 2016 it was announced that Dippy would be retiring to be replaced by a skeleton of the Earth’s largest living mammal, the Blue Whale, to be suspended from the ceiling of Hintze Hall.

Find out how industrial 3D scanning has been used to record vital information about this iconic exhibit. 

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How Virtual Reality Can Change Your Vision of 3D Measurements

If you were one of the few VIPs to have a first look at Metrologic Group's latest immersive technology innovation introduced at the recent Control Show in Stuttgart Germany, you now understand about immersive inspection and the game changing technology the unique Metrologic visionary approach brings to 3D inspection. If not, here is your chance to learn more about the technical breakthrough that is bridging the world of digital virtual reality and real part measurements.

Find out how VR can change your vision of 3D measurement activities. 

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Select The Right Software for Your CMM

In its simplest form, all CMM's are the same, typically being made up from 3 axes with scales and motors, a measuring probe on an indexinge probe head, a CNC control system and measuring software. Of these many active components, the software used to control and record the measurement of parts is vital to ensuring that you get the most complete performance out of your machine. How can you ensure that when selecting a CMM software you have6 chosen the best option?

Find out how to go about selecting the right software for your CMM. 

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Software Standardisation Increases Efficiency and Makes Inspection Easy

The metrology industry has seen incredible changes over recent years. There was a time when the metrology tool of choice was the traditional granite-based CMM, however there are now many other types of disruptive technologies available, such as white-light scanning, red and blue lasers, portable arms, laser trackers, photogrammetry, … the list goes on, all making claims to be the “new standard” in metrology.

Find out how standardising on one software solution can give you access to this new world of measurement, quickly and easily. 

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Where will Metrology be in 5-10 years ?

Metrology has come a long way since its conception during the era of the pharaohs. It has particularly evolved in the last 25 years with the advent of lasers, 3D scanners, and optical metrology.

Find out where current and future technology will change the face of metrology in the future.

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Koenigsegg partners with Creaform to certify quality standards of its hypercar lineup

Koenigsegg cars combine innovation and cutting-edge technology. The CCXR model is probably the world’s first green supercar, and quality of the highest standard is demanded at all stages of manufacture.

Find out how this world leading hypercar company has installed the latest portable optical metrology to guarantee quality during vehicle production. 

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Chinese Scanner Patents Upheld

Creaform has announced that the Chinese Patent Re-examination Board has upheld Creaform’s Chinese patent on the proprietary 3D scanning technology used in a number of Creaform products

Find out more about the threat of purchasing sub-standard Chinese scanners for your measurement applications.


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