At Measurement Solutions, our golden rule is to make sure we provide you with the right solution, at the right price, to solve your inspection needs. Our sales and technical support engineers have experience in a range of industries, enabling us to call on a broad depth of knowledge to help you with your measurement problems, irrespective of which market sector you are working in. Very often our knowledge of other market sectors can bring you solutions that you had never even considered. If we don't have a solution, we will always try to poiint you in the right direction. Our intention is never to sell you a product - it is always to provide the right solution !

The Right Solution to Precisely Match Your Needs

As the UK's leading independent reseller of 3D measurement and 3D scanning solutions, we have the ability to provide both "off-the-shelf" and bespoke solutions that precisely match your needs. If a product doesn't fit, then we will not try to make it fit, as this will only cause everyone pain and disappointment in the future.

Our standard 3D measurement products are primarily focused on high accuracy coordinate measurement systems, each designed to provide solutions to a wide variety of application needs according to your key requirements, which may include factors such as size of part, measurement location, accuracy and tolerance required, cost, speed of measurement, ease of use, integration with existinmg systems, etc.

Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)

CMM's are recognised in manufacturing industry as setting the standard for measurement - for many organisations, a CMM is "ground-zero" when it comes to measurement accuracy. Coord3 CMM's cover all aspects of CMM technology - traditional bridge machines, large scale gantry, horizontal arms for sheet metal and body-in-white applications, shop-floor CMM's, etc. Contact us to discuss your requirements, or visit our Coord3 CMM product page for more details. 

HandyPROBE Portable CMM

The HandyPROBE is the ultimate CMM-in-a-box. With HandyPROBE, you can measure anything, anywhere. Capable of measuring objects from 300mm up to 10 metres in size, the HandyPROBE out-performs old-fashioned portable arms, yet can deal with large scale metrology applications at a fraction of the cost of a laser tracker. Contact us to discuss your requirements, or visit our HandyPROBE product page for more details.