CMM Services - Complete Support for Your CMM

Calibrate and Maintain Your CMM

Calibration ServicesIn order to ensure that you get the best results out of any measuring system, it is vital that the equipment is maintained and calibrated to a professional standard by experienced and knowledgeable engineers.

At Measurement Solutions, we are dedicated to providing all of our customers with excellent levels of service and support for all types of 3D measuring systems, at a fair and competitive price. The result is outstanding value for money compared with standard OEM services and costs.

Our calibration services utilise UKAS traceable artefacts to guarantee the traceability of your measuring equipment back to National Standards. Our team of engineers have a vast experience on a wide range of CMM's, ranging from standard bridge machines to large-scale gantry and horizontal arm machines, and we are able to offer services for most makes of machine. Wherever possible, your CMM will be adjusted back to its original specification, and in many cases even better. This unique experience means we can deal with just about any eventuality, from a basic service and calibration to a complete machine rebuild. 

What Can We Provide ?

We provide a complete range of CMM services for all makes and models of machine, and can provide service agreements fully customised to the users needs, and indeed budget. These include ;

- general CMM maintenance and service

- emergency breakdown support to suit individual customer requirements

- machine relocation and installation

- calibration and verification of CMM's according to a variety of international standard procedures, including ISO10360

- UKAS verification of all types of CMM including portable measuring arms

- advanced 23-parameter error-mapping of CMM's to remove manufacturing defects and problems caused by "accidental mishaps"

- general training in best-practice inspection methods

New CMM Service and Training Centre

In order to provide CMM users with the best possible service, we have invested in a completely new CMM retrofit and service centre, based in the hi-tech area around Pride Park in Derby. Our new facility incorporates a large service area, a demo room with large CMM and various other measuring systems available from time-to-time, plus a dedicated training room and meeting rooms for providing customers with the best start possible in using their new equipment and software.

UKAS Certification of CMM's

When it comes to certification of a CMM, there are many levels of service available, at many different price levels. A lot of companies offer a basic certification that is based on old CMM procedures (such as CMMA), which to the untrained eye will look very much like the ISO standards used by Measurement Solutions. However, these are in no way a rigorous verification of your CMM, and as there is no need for this process to be verified, the results from such tests are pretty meaningless. However, some people will see it as a way of getting a "cheap" certificate of some kind - your customers and ISO9000 auditors may have other opinions !

The next level of certification is to perform a verification according to the ISO10360 standards, which define a procedure for the measurement of length artefacts to assess the actual accuracy of a CMM. In fact, anybody is able to perform such tests, but not everybody has been assessed to ensure they are performing the procedure correctly. There are several parts to the ISO10360 standard, so it is important to make sure that the process being carried out conforms to the correct part of the standard that applies to your CMM ... and indeed the correct version of the standard !

Measurement Solutions engineers are accredited by UKAS, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, to carry out certification of the accuracy of your CMM according to ISO10360-2:2009, the latest standard applicable to the vast majority of CMM's. Our certification involved a significant investment in equipment and personnel training, to provide CMM users in the UK with the highest level of certification possible. This not only includes a complete evaluation of your CMM according to ISO10360, but also a complete evaluation of measurement uncertainty of your CMM in its present environment.

UKAS Certification of Portable Measuring Arms

Like a traditional CMM, portable arms (sometimes referred to as non-cartesian CMM's) also require certification on a regular basis.

In such cases, users are normally faced with returning the portable arm to the factory, where it is only tested against the manufacturer's own internal standards. More often than not this is not according to ISO10360.

At Measurement Solutions, we offer an alternative solution. We are UKAS Accredited to perform ISO10360-12:2016 on all makes of portable arm, and once again we will be able to advise the real measuring accuracy of your portable arm. Our portable arm verification is normally performed in our Derby Service Centre, but we are also able to offer an on-site service, thereby reducing "down-time" to a minimum (less than one day). 

Why is UKAS Accreditation Important ?

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service is the sole national accreditation body for the United Kingdom. UKAS is recognised by the UK government to assess organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services against internationally agreed standards. Accreditation by UKAS demonstrates the competence, impartiality and performance capability of evaluators - in short, UKAS ‘checks the checkers’.

By using a UKAS accredited organisation for your CMM calibration, you have an assurance of the competence, impartiality and integrity of conformity of the work done by us. UKAS accredited certification, testing, inspection and calibration also reduces the need for suppliers to be assessed by each of their customers.

Measurement Solutions have the ability to test a CMM with a diagonal axis length of up to 2743mm, the largest size available according to the UKAS website. Full details of our schedule are available on the UKAS website by clicking here.