Automated Quality Control

High Speed Measurement with Industrial Robotics

Since 1998, Measurement Solutions have helped many of the leading UK manufacturing organisations to implement automated inspection solutions. Traditionally, these have been based on fixed co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM), often implementing advanced control software, market-leading SPC analysis, and the latest probing and scanning technologies.

With the advent of portable scanning solutions, such as those from Creaform, Measurement Solutions are becoming more involved in Automated Quality Control (AQC) solutions ustilising industrial robots, as our expertise in metrology solutions is second-to-none, and we have been providing 3D scanning solutions since 2005. This combination is unrivalled in the UK metrology industry.


Apart from a standard industrial robot, which is used to move the scanner around the part, effectively replacing the human in a manual hand-held solution, the key elements of any AQC system remain the same for any application ;

1. A 3D scanner, capable of being mounted on a robot and tracked by a metrology device, such as a laser or optical (camera based) tracker, to provide accuracy to the measuring system (robots are by their nature repeatable, but not necessarily accurate, especially for metrology and inspection purposes

2. A software solution that is able to combine robot programming (including vector and collision control) with the capture of scan data and comparison to nominal CAD information

3. An extensive knowledge of metrology and inspection applkications and requirements.

Measurement Solutions can provide all of these key elements and intergate them into a seamless, easy-to-use industrial measuring solutions. Utilising the latest Metrolog X4 i-Robot software, we have the ability to combine ANY industrial robot with ANY type of scanning device to tackle ANY type of measuring application. This enables us to offer 3 types of AQC solution.


CUBE-R™ is a fast, reliable, and efficient complete turnkey solution for automated quality control applications. This complete automated 3D measuring machine features MetraSCAN 3D-R, a powerful robot-mounted optical 3D scanner that can be integrated into factory automation systems without compromising on accuracy. It is the perfect alternative to solve any productivity issues caused by bottlenecks at the traditional coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Unlike existing solutions, this 3D scanning machine enables manufacturing companies to harness the power of optical 3D measurement and industrial automation. This CMM measuring machine optimizes the production cycle and throughput resulting in better product quality.


The MetraSCAN 3D-R is part of the R-Series product line from Creaform. These new solutions, when added to the production line, will help increase productivity through quality control processes that require no human involvement. Thanks to their autocalibration components, these solutions are easy-to-use and can be operated with a simple user interface. Their multitasking features help optimize the production cycle and eliminate bottlenecks.

As for the robot-mounted 3D scanner, it performs automatic inspections at a high productivity rate, even on complex surfaces and without compromising on accuracy. As the system is compatible with any typeof industrial robot, we can customise a complete solution according to your individual needs, resulting in a revolution of your factory automation systems.


Unfortunately for some, there have been many poor attempts to integrate robots and scanning devices to create an AQC solution. In many cases, the result has not lived up to expectations, with many compromises having to be made. The main problems with such installations have been ;

- Poor scanner performance, especially on shiny surfaces, demanding the need for surface preparation before and after scanning (powder sprays, target applications, photogrammetry), effectively increasing the total time required to measure a part

- Dependency on third party and/or external programming services to create new measuring programs, as 3 levels of expertise are required to create one measuring porogram - robot programming, metrology programming, and PLC synchromisation. This results in extended programming tiomes, and costly modifications to existing part programs.

Using the latest Metrolog X4 i-Robot, we are able to upgrade and significantly improve the performance of any existing AQC cell, often utilising the nexisting robot and scanning technologies. If the existing scanner is found to be the weak link, we are able to work with any scanner solution, as well as offer a turnkey solution with MetraSCAN 3D-R.

If you are interested to learn more about our AQC solutions, contact us now and one of our engineering technicians will be happy to speak with you about the range of options available.