Metrology Integration

CMM and Industrial Robotic Solutions for your QC needs

For many years, Measurement Solutions has been a traditional metrology solution provider, offering CMM's and CMM software. However, the metrology industry is moving fast, so we have re-structured our company to create business units that are dedicated to specific market sectors and application requirements.

Metrology Integration

The metrology industry has seen rapid changes in technology over recent years, no more so than in the advent of Automated Quality Control using industrial robotics.

The recent development of high speed, high accuracy 3D scanning devices has provided users with the opportunity to utilise industrial robots to create automated quality control (AQC) inspection stations for high speed part measuremenmt. These new technologies provide the perfect complement to more traditional inspection systems, such as co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM's), as they allow measurements to be taken quickly either "in-line" or "next-to-line", rather than having to transport parts to specialist measuring rooms.

While AQC enables multiple parts to be measured in the time it takes a CMM to measure a single part, the CMM still remains the benchmark and standard in terms of accuracy. When used intelligently, the combination of AQC and CMM can completely eliminate inspection and production bottlenecks. Robotic inspection provides real-time, in-process measurement at an accuracy level that is adequate for many manufactuiring processes, so production engineers can be kept up to date with potential process issues. This relieves the CMM from menial measurement tasks, enabling it to focus on investigative measurement as and when required and make best use of the accuracy levels available.

The Metrology Integration of Measurement Solutions focuses primarily on implementing the latest Metrolog X4 inspection software for both CMM and AQC applications. We can increase the measurement capabilities and productivity of even the oldest CMM to current CAD, GD&T and inspection reporting requirements. In most cases, there is nothing wrong with the frame and structure of the CMM - all it needs is up to date software and a suitable CNC control system. Utilising Metrolog X4 i-Robot, we can integrate any make of robot with any make of 3D scanner to create a seamless AQC solution that is programmed and operates just like a CMM. This completely eliminates the need for independent robot programming, endless on-line testing, and complex synchronisation of multiple software applications & PLC's. 

Our specialist sales and applications engineers bring a high degree of technical knowledge through their experience in a wide range of manufacturing and design sectors. With existing customers as diverse as Jaguar Land Rover, Spirit Aerospace, Toyota, JCB, BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, Ministry of Defence, plus several F1 teams, we are sure to have a CMM or AQC solution for all of your inspection and manufacturing needs.


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Our primary partner for metrology integration is Metrologic Group.

Metrologic Group is a global company, with operations on 3 continents, through its design and service companies, as well as sales partners throughout the World. The company is the largest device independent inspection software company, being recently acquired by Sandvik Corporation for over €350million. 

The company specialises in the design and manufacture of industry standard 3D inspection software and electronic control systems for CMM's, portable devices and industrial robots. Metrologic Group has developed their own direct machine and device interfaces to provide "plug-and-play" direct connection of its software to any control system, including manual and CNC CMM's, portable arms, laser trackers, 3D optical scanners and industrial robots.