The wide range of 3D measurement and scanning solutions offered by Measurement Solutions are the dream of any manufacturer in need of accurate and reliable measurement devices designed to operate in “real-life” shop floor conditions. Many of our solutions are specifically designed to be used in industrial environments, such that the measuring devices always generate reliable and highly accurate measurements, at all times.

In addition, Measurement Solutions can help you enhance and improve your manufacturing processes and lower your production costs by providing you with down-to-earth and efficient advice and services. If necessary, our technicians and engineers can work directly in your plant, assembly or production line. Our technologies and services can help you with ;

- Inspection and Quality Control

- Machine and Tooling Setup and Adjustments

- Work Instructions 

Die & Mould Design or Modification

Manufacturers using mould and die production methods such as press-works, casting and plastic injection must deal with physical phenomena like shrinkage and spring back effect, which makes it complicated to match the CAD geometry. In addition, wear-and-tear over time on the mould and die will affect the final product quality, so measurement of geometry and form is vital to maintain and achieve customer expectations.

Our scanning solutions provide users with a better understanding of the effects of such problems, so that they are able to change processes to compensate for such design and manufacturing issues.

First Article Inspection

The inspection of first-off parts is essential to any manufacturing process. These parts, often considered as prototypes, are typically produced in small quantities and measured against a drawing or compared directly to CAD to verify whether the parts were accurately produced and, when applicable, identify causes of defects.

A variety of processes to evaluate components prior to and during production is possible, such as ISIR (initial sample inspection reports) and APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning). At Measurement Solutions, we are experienced in the application of all of these processes, and able to provide the right measuring tools, services and know-how to fully satisfy your needs.

Product Development - Assembling and Positioning Fixtures

Well-designed fixtures make it possible to repeat the same assembly of parts within the desired tolerance levels. Such fixtures need to be setup and calibrated to high levels of accuracy to ensure they fully comply to the manufacturing requirements.

Our range of portable 3D measurement systems play a major role in ensuring that the World's leading manufacturing organisations deliver the expected levels of performance.