Measurement Solutions provide a range of measuring and scanning solutions that have found numerous applications in the research & educational communities, opening doors to help students find new "ways of doing". Many leading Universities and research institutes use our technologies on cutting edge research programs, and also to teach graduates and undergraduates ways to utilise the latest measuring devices in a wide variety of study fields, such as aerospace, applied sciences, archaeology, architecture, arts, automotive design, biomechanics, computer sciences, medicine/dentistry, engineering, industrial design and the military.

Typical examples of recent research and teaching projects at Universities and research centres include;

- 3D optical measurement teaching and training tools (design, analysis, inspection and metrology applications)

- 3D scanning (colour or not) of 3D artwork

- Post-processing of files, artwork rescaling or rapid prototyping

- 3D archiving (virtual portfolios, etc.)

- Scale-ups/downs of architectural models through 3D scanning

- 3D archiving of architectural models

- Restorations of existing buildings according to original plans

- Building impairment assessment

- 3D scanning of human bodies for crash tests simulations

- 3D scanning of human body parts for medical study purposes 

Research & Development

In the education field, scientists are always looking for innovative ways to speed up research and development processes. Constant innovation is critical for the survival of every research team, laboratory or department. The addition of a 3D scanning solution is a great way to support the flow of innovation coming from the labs, and provides institutes with new and innovative ways to develop technical solutions for industrial applications.